Tuesday, April 6, 2010

OH so much to say

Few things:

--- School has consisted of END OF THE COURSE PREPARATION! This means every day the students are working in a workbook. They read and write and read some more. I will stop them every now and then to explain a concept or let them hear it instead of write it. We are covering the entire course in just a few weeks. This is a time of intense pressure.

--- I cleaned out some of my parent's storage closet. It was jammed full of things. I did however find where I get my obsession with books. No exaggeration.... 15 boxes of books. I wanted to give them all away. Mom said no. Also like any good southern family we had probably 20 different Bibles. If you need one their in my trunk.

--- Spring Break was great! I got to hang out with my friends at Mississippi State. I got advised for the summer, and I got to play with a cute puppy. It was a good time of relaxation. I worked on my Teacher Work Sample briefly and read a book on Stalin.

--- I am moving. My roommate and I found an apartment in Downtown Memphis. It's super nice. I have a loft, huge kitchen, 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. It's going to be so great. We went to sign the lease and the manager handed us the keys. We can move any time we want. We have an excellent view of the river and the bridge. I love it.

--- "One eyed Cat" has become one of my favorite new songs. It's by a couple named Jenny and Tyler. Now I'm not in a relationship (in case all you boys were wondering. ha) but God has been showing me a lot about marriage and that type of relationship lately. Listening to this song, while it is very romantic and fun, makes me cringe at moments. Marriage is all about sacrificing those things that you love. It's giving of yourself so that you can better serve another person. It's one of the most sacrificial pictures we have on Earth (when it's done right). The more I think about marriage and the devotion I want to some day show my husband, the more I think about the devotion and commitment that I want to give to the Lord. For example... the song says "I gave up chocolate ice cream for you..." What have I been giving up for the Lord? What sacrifices, even as small as chocolate ice cream, have I made for Him lately? How am I showing the Lord I love him? What ways am I being devoted to Him? I hope that when the Lord asks me to give something up, I won't be hesitant. I pray that I am so committed to him that I would lay down my pride and follow his example. I am excited for the day that I get to experience the struggle and humility of sharing my life with another here on earth.

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