Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Saturday I got to move into my new apartment. It should be set up with the stuff I have now before this weekend. I will take some pictures and post them on here. The best part of my apartment is the view. I wake up and look out my bedroom window to see the sun rising over the Memphis skyline. When I fix my breakfast, I get to watch barges go down the river. In the evening when I come home I get to watch the sunset over the river. Again, the best part of my apt... the view.

In other news, things at school are wrapping up. These three days we are doing mock end of the course testing. This means students are taking a 2 hour test while the rest of us chill out. I am sitting in the classroom with Erika watching a movie. It's super chillax. It's a good break. Next week is senior trip (mentor teacher out). The following week I have MTR professional development. The following week is end of the course testing.

Oh and this morning I registered for summer classes! Super exciting!

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