Friday, April 23, 2010

Let it Rain! Let it Rain!

I have been wearing my new raincoat for the last 3 days hoping it would rain. Today it did. Unfortunately I was inside. The one time I was outside and it started sprinkling, I didn't have my coat on. Seriously, any time I was out of the house I wore my jacket with high hopes that it would rain on it. Hasn't happened yet. Hopefully one day it will.

Greater note.... I just ordered SEASON TICKETS! to the Mississippi State Bulldogs Football games. You can only order 3 games though. They make you order tickets for the Alcorn, Georgia, and you get to choose the third. I chose Arkansas on November 20th. Hopefully it's not too cold. I could order individual tickets for the other 3 games, but we will see. They are playing Memphis for the opener. I am excited about that!

School wise... I have been having problems with a certain supervisor. We have clashed in all ways possible, and I have begun to give up. I don't say anything in the meetings and she tells me every time I am going to fail (not that I even know what I am failing). This week she came in my room and loved loved loved my lesson. I swear I did nothing different (other than let her give input during my class), and she said, "this is the best lesson I have seen so far. I just knew you were going to fall on your face and fail when you got to the classroom next year. I thought I had done you a great disservice. But you have grown so much in the last 2 weeks... You are going to be an excellent teacher!"
PEOPLE!! Only the Lord could have changed her mind like that. Seriously. My lesson was not that awesome and I did nothing different. There was no reason for her to change her mind like that. I have been praying about this for the entire year. Finally the Lord delivered and it was just in time. He is so good. (I'm not going to fail... ha.)

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