Thursday, March 18, 2010


I arrive at school before 7 on good days. Today when I pulled up there were 3 police cars in the teacher parking lot. I think hum, that's unusual and keep walking towards the door. When I get to the door instead of walking in the one door that is unlocked, a teacher meets me there and opens the door. Again, strange, but oh well. THEN, I run into Erika. "Apparently, there is a Crazy! lady in the school. Coach just told me." "Awesome." We talked about it more and walked to the teacher's lounge. We walk in and Senor is there. "Did you hear about the Crazy White lady that is running around the building?!" "Oh, so she's white?" Now that's funny. Sure the thought of a probably homeless person running around Whitehaven High is kind of funny, but now it's hilarious.

Warning: Teachers if you could please step to your doors and buzz the office if you see any person without a visitors pass. (AKA watch out for those crazy white ladies. They can cause you problems.)

Other note: Kids are funny. They say some of the most random things, such as "Girl if I wanted to see blue people I would find some midget to look at."

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