Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's a girl thing

In the classroom, we had some downtime while I was transitioning some of my stuff. I had a class of 8 girls and 3 boys. We were missing two of the boys, so it was a class of girls. The girls started talking about the movie Taken. One girl explained the plot and then the rest of the girls joined in and the conversation took a turn. Girl 1 "Man, I wish my daddy would do that for me!"
All the girls: "Yeah." Girl 2: "Having a daddy that would take care of you like that would be awesome! That girl was lucky that she had them." Girl 3: "If my dad could do that stuff that would be great."

A lot of girls have Dad issues. It's different for boys. We don't need respect, but we need a Father that will hold us and speak to our hearts words of love and acceptance. We need a Dad that will whisper "you're beautiful" on those days we feel our worst. We need a protector.

Today in church Brian Loritts talked about prayer. He said some really convicting things that pierced my heart. However, the part of the sermon that made me tear up the most was when he told a story about a dad who's adoptive son is being a "prodigal son." Brian cried out recalling his friend's hurt over his son's betrayal saying, "The thing that makes my adoptive son so different is that I chose him! I prayed over him and I looked at picture after picture, but I chose him." (I started to tear up here)

This is how our Father loves us. He chose us! He gave his life for us. He is yearning for us to depend on him. Hearing this satisfies the part of my heart that hasn't been filled by my earthly father. I know that I will have my Father whispering in my ear even when I feel like I can't do it anymore. He is the most dependable being.

With this, I have to run to him. When I am not praying, I am saying I don't need to share my life with you. I can handle it on my own. Leaning on my own strength is not only not beneficial to me, but it is the worst betrayal I could do to my Father. Since the Father has chosen us, it only makes the betrayal cut deeper.

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