Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ahas of Thursday and Friday

This week was rough, but Thursday night and Friday were amazing.

As a young girl with high hopes and dreams I often fantasized about different ways I could reach people all around the world for the gospel. At one point I had decided that if all of Hollywood (celebrities in general) was converted, it would cause a wave of revival to ripple through America. Everyone has contact with Hollywood. Celebrities fill the media, news, and is a high topic of conversation between people. During these dreams of spreading the gospel, I decided the two best people for me to convert would be Reba and Julia Roberts. If only these two women fully knew the gospel everything would change (fist pounding). As I got older I realized the fact that it takes more than just saying you are a Christian to make you a Christian, so my dreams have changed.

ALL of this to say....

I saw Reba and George Strait in concert on Thursday night with my little sis and Emily. It was phenomenal. Friday night I had the incredible opportunity to see Eric Clapton LIVE with Hopey. While sitting in these concerts I had an AHA! I was seeing these three people that I have loved as artist IN PERSON! It was (as I've already said) incredible. Then it hit me....

This is how the gospel is. We can hear about the gospel and admire it from a distance, but until we fully experience the gospel it doesn't have full meaning in our life. We have to live through it in order to have full effect and conversion. It doesn't change us until we confront the gospel face to face. This is why we have to be reminded of the gospel daily. Not long from now, while I sit at my computer posting a blog, I will forget what that felt like watching Reba dance across the stage, or George Strait serenading me straight to the heart, or watching Eric hammer away on his guitar as effortlessly as typing on the computer. It's only with running to Christ and living out the gospel daily and experiencing it that we truly understand what the Lord meant in all of this. It gives us a starting point. It changes everything.