Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Good and The Bad

The Good.

We got our test scores today. My classes got a 92% passing rate. This means 92% of my students got Proficient or Advanced on the End Of the Course exam.

Over half the kids are missing, but the ones that are here have been really funny:

-- One girl tried to spin an umbrella like steppers spin canes.
-- Another student coming in and dancing because he made a 37 on his test.
-- Another boy grabbed me and practically picked me up because he was so excited that he passed.
-- One girl accidentally spewed water over two other boys.
-- I have a kid that isn't in my class, but in Erika's. She's told me lots of stories about how he's just a cute, sweet little boy. He's been hanging out in my classroom the past few days because I have been watching Slumdog Millionaire with the kids. He came in today and took a chair and set down in front of the T.V. He turned on the movie and spaced out the rest of everything else that went on. He's now been here for 3 periods. If you've ever seen 101 Dalmatians it's like the puppy that stands on the T.V. and gets left behind because he is so engrossed. It's cute.
-- 92% of my kids passed. 32% of my kids got Advanced.

The Bad.

-- I had 5 students not pass the test. They barely missed the mark, but they missed it. I also had 4 students not show up. It's not surprising. I had never seen one of the students all year, and the other 3 have been missing for the last 3 months for different reasons. I have a total of 114 students. I think this puts me at a 92% passing rate. Looking at who failed the class, 3 of them never come to school mainly because of children at home or suspensions. Another transferred in to my class in March, and the fifth has severe disabilities (mainly with comprehension). So this is where my cracks are.

-- As with all bad. Lessons were learned.
I need to provide a better way of integrating the students into the classroom in a short amount of time. I also need to prepare packets for students to take with them if they are suspended or out of school for an extended period of time. I should have pushed harder with the SPED teachers to get me the information I need to help make accommodations to those students that need extra support.

Worst moment of the day was having to tell the child with severe comprehension problems that she failed. She looked like she was going to cry. She's already been told she failed all her other end of the year tests. She deserves opportunity just like the rest. She is just as smart she just needs a different method of being taught. I almost cried when she walked out of the room (and still tearing up now). Teaching changes students life. I am messing with their life, when I don't give it my all and seal the cracks.

Thankfully I can take this data and run with it. Next year, I won't make the same mistakes again.

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  1. yay for 92% I am very excited for you! Thanks for having a heart for everyone and being concerned over the girl who did not pass. I am proud to be your friend