Thursday, May 13, 2010

Best Day Ever.

That is a slight exaggeration, but it has been terrific (why does no one use that word in everyday conversation anymore?)

Woke up a little early and took a shower. It had been a while and was necessary. I got ready so much earlier than usually. So I got to fix some coffee and leave with my roommate.

She was running late, so I got to see Frank (the doorman) for longer than usual. He's a nice man.

I got to school a little before the bell, and I brought Slumdog Millionaire for the kids to watch. Here is why this movie changed my thoughts about today...

1. I get to tell all my kids about India. If you don't know how much I love India... It's A LOT. I'm kind of obsessed in some ways.

2. All my kids were thoroughly enthralled. They would linger after the bell rang to see what was coming next. They were asking many questions about things that were happening in the movie. They were laughing and commenting throughout most of the movie.

3. I got to tell all my kids about India. Because it provoked questions I got to go more in depth with what is going on in the slums of India.

So all three of these reasons are why I have enjoyed today so much. Discovering this will help me to integrate more of my passions into my classroom. Hopefully they will all have awesome movies to go along with it. ha.

The movie has won lots and lots of awards and really does give a fairly accurate idea of life in the slums as well as some of the things children in the slums go through.

Other notes: I passed MTR officially and student teaching. I will graduate with a 4.0. Somewhere along the way I have developed into what semi resembles an adult (minus one set back which might be discussed later).

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  1. Not delight in your "set backs," but please do tell :)