Friday, May 14, 2010

Are you hungry for spaghetti?

"Boys are like waffles, girls are like spaghetti"

This might be a little random, but it all is one flow of thought....

Yesterday I went mountain biking with my friend Matt. It was LEGEND- (wait for it) DARY! I have been yearning to be outside, in the woods, by water... something not in the city. I love love love the city, but I have lived here an entire year without being outside away from the city for longer than a few hours here and there. I mean out playing in nature. I have been contemplating working at summer camps again just so I can spend an entire summer outside.

In fact, what I have really been wanting to do is hike to the cross at Camp Ozark. One of the best things ever. (I could not find a picture online of the view from the cross and was too lazy to get my external)

So when I got on the bike and was going through the trails I felt alive again. It was so refreshing. It was exactly what I needed. It is definitely something I am going to be doing more often.

Tonight I cleaned out my papers from MTR. I threw away lots, and condensed it to one binder (impressive I know). While cleaning I found this written on a sheet of paper...

faces places people always find bind grind saw wall suspension each six weeks verbal conference iss tardy consequences recess assignments com back to class gross pepto diet coke love grapes goodness keep up clue half day work to do don't plan extra work competed sheets NO VACATION

I had just written down whatever word came to my mind at the moment. It was during our first MTR class, Classroom Management. I obviously felt my need to be outside very early on in the program. Unfortunately, no vacation was quite literal. Good times.

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