Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Today Mrs. Smith went over 4 slides. It took most of the period. I sat at a desk and read.

The book is Survival in Aushwitz by Primo Levi. He was in Aushwitz (the most famous and brutal concentration camp). Because he was a chemist, they had him conduct some of the experiments. When he was captured he yelled out "Please don't kill me I am an Italian Jew," thinking that the new Facist regime was mainly interested in killing communists (he was one of those too). He actually was at Aushwitz when the Allies came and rescued them. He has written several books about his experiences. It's a hard read, but overall very good. I highly recommend it. It's at a higher reading level than other holocaust books I have read.

Other news... The Afghans have taken up Soviet war practices.

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  1. Don't get rid of the book...share it...and then have them return it to you, have ME return it to you after I read it!