Saturday, February 27, 2010

French Toast

I said when I started this blog that I would not post recipes. I lied. Tonight with the help of my faithful sister, I made French Toast. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures to show you (Ashley), despite suggestions made by Kaci to reenact the event.

I used a great recipe website. The first piece I did wasn't so great. I didn't mix the egg well enough, so there was actual egg bubbling up. The second piece I did was too soggy. It was gross. Then it started getting better. For the third piece, I did not add grease to my pan. I just let whatever was in there almost fry the pan. Being a southerner, I did not realize just what the recipe meant when it said "lightly grease the pan." When they say lightly, they mean just barely. The pan was not even shinning. I cooked the last four and they were fantastic! I put powdered sugar on them. Since I don't have real pictures, I found fake ones. PTL for google images.

Also highlights from being on the committee for the black history program:
  • "My two friends! Can you write the script for the MCs?"
------ Mr. Coleman didn't know our names for the longest time. He referred to me and Erika as his two friends. OH, and we had to write the script for the MCs. Neither of us are very funny. It turned out great though!
  • "I have blonde hair!"
------- An African-American girl yelled this out during practice one day. Then she looked at me and turned her head really quickly. It made me laugh really hard, especially since her hair was red.
---------This is what Erika and I did for the majority of the practices. Especially in the last week or so. It's our pledge job.
  • "Sorry I'm a Diva."
-------- A seventeen year old boy said this to me. It made me laugh.

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