Saturday, February 20, 2010


Here is the time for some confessions:

My name is Christian ______ (this is still the internet) and I am a(n)....

1. Clove addict: I haven't smoked a clove cigarette since Poppy's birthday in November. Dr. Rosenburgh was talking to us in Seminar Friday and asked where we were when Obama was elected president.

Where was I? Klancey's apartment smoking a clove cigarette with Amy drinking coke and rum.

Sitting in class I thought "I wonder where they sell cloves in Memphis." No worries. I will never actually smoke one again, because I realize even after it being a year I still crave it.

*Side note: They make my mouth numb. I'm even allergic to them and still want them.

2. Restless: I never realized just how restless I am until I have been stuck for an entire year in the same city. It's hard for me. The other night I had a break down after talking with my Colorado friends. Sometimes Memphis is too hard on me. The tensions in the city and the closeness to the family is exhausting. But it's my city. I am called to Memphis, and that is why I will probably never leave.


  1. True confessions of Christian Cocktail.

    I added to your survey - however, the elusive rash is actually the mark of your disease.