Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Maybe more on Dramatic side...

But I promise it has a great point.

Yesterday Matt found out one of his students was killed while robbing a man. Read the article. (Hint: Don't read the comments. It will only make you angry and sad)

Lately, I have not wanted to work on school or even go back to the classroom. I feel burned out on teaching. A lot of it has to do with the fact I was so tired of talking about education and teaching towards the end of the residency year. I needed a break.

Then something like a student getting shot, or sitting down with a friend that encourages me to seek purpose refreshes my thoughts about entering the education world in 20 days. It gets me on fire for the work that I am doing. By providing my students with a solid education I am proactively fighting for their lives. (Dramatic, I told you... the point is coming).

By caring and giving an education to a student, it tells them that they are worth more than the life society tells them to live. It is the only way out of some of the situations they live in. It enables them to establish themselves and have purpose in life. Whether they choose education over other things is up to them. It is this thought process that brings me to my own depravity.

Every day I have a choice when I wake up. I can choose life and true greatness by denying myself as being able to do anything without Christ, or I can choose a life of ignorance in self greatness that leads to death. This changes everything! It changes how I wake up in the mornings (my 1s and 2s) and what trajectory I place my life on (8s and 9s). It changes how I teach in the classroom, and how I see my students (5s and 6s). It allows me to mourn for a student while being encouraged to seal the cracks completely, so that my students will have the choice.

Pray for Matt and the boy's family. Pray for MTR and the work being done. Most of all pray that every day we wake up choosing life in Christ, because it truly changes everything.

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