Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer Update...

I promise there will be more of these sooner or later. It's been kind of crazy these past two weeks, just because of the amount of reading and homework I have had to do. Also, I have gone out of town the past two weekends. Here is a recap:

Interesting facts about Vietnam War:
--- We were way over our head before the beginning
--- The French are lame.

Interesting facts about Civil War:
--- There have always been cultural differences between Southerners and Northerners. It started in England.
--- It was inevitable.

Interesting Facts about the weekends:
--- MTR Barn Dance was fantastic! Memphis is fun and I love Emily's nephews
--- Any time spent with the Robertsons is always a good time.

Interesting facts about this week:
--- Test Monday
--- Test Tuesday
--- Will (Kaci's 12 year old brother) is staying with us! It's going to be great.
--- June is back!! (the dog, not the month)

Interesting books I have read or am reading:
--- Battle Cry for Freedom
--- America's Longest War
--- Pride and Prejudice
--- The Book Thief
--- Causes and Comrades

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