Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Back to school again

After a great last week in Memphis, a super fun weekend at the beach, I am back to school at Mississippi State once again.

This first term of summer I am taking a Civil War and a Vietnam class. I think they have great potential. They seem like funny people. Here is my homework list for this week (due by Friday):

-- Read prologue and 3-21 of America's Longest War
-- Read Ho Chi Minh's 1946 Appeal for Help
-- Complete a take home quiz
-- Read chapters 1-3 of Battle Cry of Freedom (110 pages)
-- Read half of For Causes and Comrades

Basically it's a ton of reading... all summer.

Greater news, I am learning new things and new ways I can present information to my students. I am loving that part of it. Already I have been really excited about the class room.

Since I am not teaching over the summer, I have decided to review the other books I am reading for pleasure on the blog. That way I will have something else to blog about than the aforementioned classes.

P.S. I have a friend that is starting to sell headbands. Check her blog out!

1 comment:

  1. Those classes actually sound pretty rockin'.

    Maybe I should get "highly qualified" as well.